Online Post-Production Classes

Spend One-2-One time with Bob Killen, Adobe Certified Instructor
Spend One-2-One time with Bob Killen, Adobe Certified Instructor

During this past year, we tested and developed a free, online follow-up class system for our Master Class workshop users. This program allows you to continue to learn about landscape post-production tools and workflow after you return home. Students are assigned a code that allows us to securely log into their computer and work with three images of their choice using the workflow we teach for Lightroom and Photoshop. Past students who helped us develop this system tell us that this follow up with their work has helped them further their visual voice and tightened up their skill set.

Look for this feature when you enroll in your National Park Photographic Expedition Master Class Workshop. It’s a great benefit at no extra tuition charge.

About Author

Bob Killen is a nationally recognized Fine Art Photographer, Landscape Photography instructor, and artist. He is the Director of the National Park Photography Expeditions, President of the Mojave National Preserve Artists Foundation, a National Park Service Friends Group, a national speaker on landscape photography and an Adobe Certified Instructor. His thematic work explores Western Americana landscapes with a focus on man’s obsession to abandon structures, places, and things across a shared American landscape. His work is owned by collectors in 20 countries.

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