Frames Magazine Elevates Fine Art Photography Through Print

A Wonderful Accident

“Excellent Photography Belongs on Paper,” claims Frames,  an art photography magazine I accidentally discovered last year while researching materials for our NPPE Mentor Curriculum.  I dove into the site’s sample pages, and within a few minutes, I knew I had found a photo/literary treasure. I did not hesitate to subscribe, which has rewarded me with exceptional art photography features, great reviews, and inspirational essays.

There are many good art and landscape photography magazines with great images.  However,  National Park Photography Expeditions teaches the art of landscape photography, and our Mentor program is an MFA-like course that encourages students to pursue art photography with a vision beyond documentation.

Thus, finding a gallery-grade publication emphasizing the importance of experiencing photography in its tangible form— art photography on paper — was refreshing. For our NPPE Mentor candidates, reading Frames is not just a recommendation, its mandatory because diving into the pages is a transformative experience that celebrates fine art photography in its truest essence.

The Print Edition

Each year subscribers receive four quarterly printed editions with 112 pages of the highest quality 140g uncoated paper. The editorial policy, managed by Editor and Founder Tomasz Trzebiatowski, features established and emerging photographers of different thematic genres. Their editorial policy says it all, “We pay very close attention to new, visually striking, thought-provoking imagery while respecting the long-lasting tradition of photography in its purest incarnation.” 

I get a creative kick when I run my fingers over the high-quality matte-finished pages, a tactile experience that transports me and other readers to a world where they can truly appreciate the textures, tones, and details of each photograph. Just as a photograph is a physical manifestation of a captured moment, the magazine itself becomes a tangible collection of curated photographic art. The essays and reviews provide a mental texture that is also carefully edited with straight-from-the-shoulder reviews, thoughtful leadership articles, and interviews with visual creators who make a difference in what we see and feel. In my view, this makes Frames a must-have for any fine art photographer.   

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and creativity reign supreme on these pages. The magazine recognizes that great photography is open to more than a single style or technique. Instead, it embraces photographers who challenge the norms and experiment with different approaches. By immersing yourself in Frames, you expose yourself to fresh perspectives, unconventional techniques, and boundary-pushing ideas. This exposure can fuel your own creativity and help you discover new ways to express your photographic vision.

Vibrant and Insightful Essays and Reviews

Beyond the captivating visuals, Frames delivers equally vibrant and insightful writing with creative authors such as Scott Olsen, an art reviewer and author of 12 books, whose creative writing strikes a perfect balance between intellectual depth and fun-to-read brevity. In addition, other thought-provoking voices appear; Sean Hill, Chris Crosman, E.E. McCollum, and many others. 

A Digital Companion Too

Frames App Now Available for Download

For fine art photographers, the distance between print editions may be a motivational space too far. Frames plugs this gap with a monthly digital edition and in-depth podcasts, a creative ecosystem that often stimulates and motivates photographers just when they need it most.   


I need to make it clear that I have no financial interest or income from Frames. I simply believe that in a digital world saturated with fleeting images, Frames magazine is a testament to the enduring power of photography in print. I tell our Masterclass and Mentor Candidates that a Frames subscription is an investment in their growth as artists, allowing them to immerse themselves in the tangible realm of visual storytelling, innovation, and creativity.

I want to support the magazine’s commitment to quality and its unwavering support for photographers, the celebration of fine art photography, and the inspiration for each of us to reach new heights in our work.

And I encourage you to do so too.

Bob Killen is a Landscape Art Photography Teacher, Mentor Instructor, artist, and writer. He specializes in content related to art photography and online art marketing with an emphasis on SEO, SMM, and eCommerce. He is a National Park Service Artists in Residence alum, and collectors own his desert artwork in the US and Europe. You can find him teaching Masterclasses for National Park Photography Expeditions LLC in the field as well as coaching successful art photographers via his online classes. If you need assistant with your art photography or marketing your work, contact Bob at

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  1. David Bernal

    Thank you Bob, great post. I just subscribed. I am so happy to see a photo print magazine
    Thanks again

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