The Grand Teton Experience

Creating stunning photographs in the Grand Teton National Park seems like a no-brainer. One can pull over at any of the roadside overlooks and snap-shot the snow-capped Teton Range and the silvery sheen of the Snake River in the foreground and come away with fantastic imagery. Throughout the park, iconic locations abound; Mormon Row, Oxbow Bend, Schwabacher Landing, and Cunningham Cabin are just a few of the sites that make the ‘Tetons’ a visual fail-safe for any photographer.  

Not a Photo Tour

While capturing the stunning landscape is terrific, the National Park Photography Expeditions (NPPE) Masterclass is not a  photo tour. We do not come to stand in the same place, at the same time of day, to shoot copycat images for an Instagram flick, a framed decoration,  or to document fun times shared on social media. Documenting the landscape can result in beautiful illustrations, but when appreciated as landscape art, these images fail to capture the greater value of expressing a personal significance. There must be something more, and there is.

Photography Beyond the Lens

In the Grand Teton Masterclass, our photographers spend five days learning to create personal and uniquely significant images that deliver an emotional range that is Photography Beyond the Lens. They create work in the field and in the post-classroom that focuses beyond the place by expressing what the place means to the artist.

Cunningham Cabin, Bob Killen

At NPPE, we believe that Aristotle’s quote sums up the Masterclass nicely when he said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” 

Sharing Their Words, Work, and Experience

Since 2016 we have been blessed to teach more than 300 photographers the art of landscape art. Many learned in the Grand Tetons, and we have asked several alumni to share their work, thoughts, and experiences. 

Rich Paumen

“NPPE  has helped me develop my craft and how I approach, compose and edit an image to find the art within the native beauty. Bob and his group have the unique ability to work with each person, and the knowledge, beliefs, and ideas they bring to class help them develop a personal vision.”

Red Hills, Moose Wyoming
Bill Chatwell

“I cannot say enough about how the NPPE team has helped me grow. I continue to be amazed at how they help me take what I think is just an OK image and turn it into something I find amazing and wonderful. Bob and his post-processing expertise recently supported me in getting 3 of my images into the San Diego County Fair contest, where one image received an Honorable Mention. My Grand Tetons session wasn’t my first NPPE experience, and it won’t be my last. Come to NPPE expecting to work hard, grow dramatically, and have a wonderful time with the staff and your fellow attendees.”

Oxbow Bend in Infrared
Stephen Anderson

“The NPPE Tetons Workshop instilled confidence in my work, and I developed critical art thinking and visualization skills. I highly recommend this Masterclass to anyone who wants to grow their visual voice.”

The Barn
Sheryl Ball
Autumn Statue

“In addition to learning about photographing grand landscapes, my NPPE experience has helped me grow as a fine-art photographer by focusing on intimate details and artistic post-processing skills. In the Grand Tetons Masterclass, I found deep significance in the seemingly insignificant.”

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