Grand Teton National Park


October 2-7, 2018

Arrive on Day One for evening orientation — Depart for home on Day Five.
4 full days of onsite photographic and post-production classes.


TBD, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Please make your reservations early.
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Grand Teton National Park

October 2-7, 2018

Summary: The National Park Service uses the term “Mountains of Imagination” to describe The Grand Teton National Park. Indeed, few landscapes in the world are as full of thrust, striking the sky with chiseled pinnacles and perhaps as visually overwhelming as this national park. Unencumbered by foothills, the Teton Range rises with an imperial grace, nearly 7,000 feet above the valley floor, marking this land as one of the boldest geologic statements in the Rockies, as well as an endless opportunity to pursue advanced photographic composition. Each location presents grand scenic breaks, as well as narrative visuals as the eye and lens work skyward through a stratum of coniferous forests, then alpine meadows of wildflowers, and finally into the blue glaciers that rim the stark granite peaks.

Ansel Adams made this grandeur of a ‘mountain high disposition’ famous with his high contrast images with a Snake River foreground against crags and peaks, but there is much more to the Tetons than the rhythmic mountaintops. Daylight is cool, even in the summer, and the sun seems to burn like a light in an endless corridor of orange atmospherics, falling in a broad mosaic of rich shadows and flinty highlights across valleys, crystal blue lakes, whitewater rivers, and big skies that shelter diverse wildflowers and wildlife. Old homesteads and cattle ranches speak to a rich cultural history, and they are available to explore and photograph.

Here, National Park Photography Expeditions Students learn grand scenic compositions across a string of jewel-like lakes, and the Jackson Hole Valley, covered with sagebrush and groves of aspen trees which shelter pronghorn, deer, elk, and other animals. All of this will challenge our composition skills, for we are not here to document, but to capture images that narrate and navigate in visual voices that are our own.

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