mountains in Canyonlands
Photograph by Gary Goulin, Canyonlands National Park, May 2017 Workshop

“As a very left-brained scientist and only a hobbyist photographer, I was very apprehensive about taking this workshop. Bob saw potential in me and helped unlock the underused right side of my brain. With his guidance and support, I was able to build my confidence and immediately saw the improvement in the quality of my photos. I can’t wait to take another workshop to keep building my skills!”

-Gary Goulin

Close up of moss on trees
"Interloper" by Stephen Ripple, Sequoia National Park, September 2016 Workshop

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class in Sequoia National Park. The amount of effort that has gone in to working out all the details of the trip were evident throughout the adventure. Bob Killen has scouted some fantastic locations to demonstrate various techniques and styles of landscape photography. Careful thought was given to selecting comfortable accommodations that could also support productive post-processing sessions. I learned much from both Bob and my photographers. I am looking forward to joining another expedition soon.”

-Steve Ripple

“In early November, I was visiting Los Angeles and went to Samy’s Camera for the first time. After buying a small bag, I filled-out an entry form to win a place in a National Park Photography Expeditions Landscape Master Class Workshop.

I never gave it another thought until the email arrived in January saying I was the winner. In May, I attended the Canyonlands workshop. It was amazing and continues to be even months later.

Bob Killen has the most integrated approach to photography, from finding locations, to helping you see the great shots, and then teaching you how to create art using powerful post-production tools. Bob’s individual coaching in the field and in post-production sessions continues after returning home with his remote sessions.

I feel so lucky to have won this opportunity and will definitely take another of Bob’s workshops in the coming months.”

-Steve Ovitsky

lone juniper tree, canyonlands photography workshop
"Lone Juniper" by Steve Ovitsky, Canyonlands National Park, May 2017 Workshop
Blue skies behind a red layered mountain.
Photograph by Ramiro Estenssoro, Capitol Reef National Park, June 2016 Workshop

“This is the first course that I was not merely chaperoned from place to place by the instructor. Bob Killen taught us how to compose and frame landscape photographs. Bob emphasized to photograph landscape from our point of view, our composition. Not only that, we held classroom style sessions after each day, where we learned Photoshop techniques, as it applies to landscape with the photographer’s point of view.

I appreciated his insight and the lessons. What Bob did, is to teach us to produce photographs that showed landscape, as we wanted the viewer to see.

As a matter of fact, I am still learning long-distance with Bob Killen.”

-Ramiro Estenssoro

night sky from a photography workshop
"Lost in Space" by Lynn Ballard, Capitol Reef National Park, June 2016

“I have attended several different photography workshops by a variety of photographers. The absolute best by far that I’ve ever attended are workshops lead by Bob Killen. This intense, five-day adventure not only expanded my mind for the technical aspects of photography but also for improved artistic expression. What I learned in this class isn’t something you can get from books or videos.

Bob is very dedicated to giving us the best experience possible. He gets to know each of his students so he can help guide us to our goals of becoming better artists. I always leave very satisfied with what I’ve learned but then again, wanting more! I can’t wait to join his next workshop!

I can’t think of a thing to improve other than I believe we need to clone Bob so more people can learn from him. He’s one of a kind.”

-Lynn Ballard