You may enroll and pay your tuition online or by phone. We accept check, Paypal, and most credit cards.

  1. Small class size is a hallmark of the National Park Photography Expeditions program. Therefore, we limit all Master Class and First Horizon Workshops to (8).
  2. Space is reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. Reservations are not confirmed until a $500.00 non-refundable deposit is received.
  4. Pricing is for tuition only and does not include transportation to basecamp, lodging, or food.
  5. There are no additional fees.
  6. If you are on a waiting list, you will not be charged a deposit fee or tuition until space becomes available for you and you confirm you desire to register.
  7. Participants will be billed full tuition 60 days before the start of your workshop.


Occasionally, circumstances arise that prevent a person from participating in a workshop after registration. If you wish to protect your investment in the workshop and travel costs, you may wish to investigate travel insurance with a carrier such as TRAVELEX – see http://bit.ly/2Sh2quL

Cancellations, for any reason, must be in writing (email or regular mail). If we cancel the workshop for any reason, a full refund will be given to each participant.


  • If you cancel 60 days or more from the workshop start date, you will receive a full refund, minus your $500 deposit and any Paypal/credit card fees.
  • If you cancel 30-59 days from the workshop start date, 50% of your workshop tuition will be refunded, minus any Paypal/credit card fees.
  • No refund will be given if canceling 29 days or less from the workshop start date.
  • If you enroll 30 days or less before the workshop, full tuition is due at the time of registration and you are not eligible for a refund.
  • Funds paid are transferable to another workshop if you cancel more than 45 days before the start of your workshop.

We make NO EXCEPTIONS to our $500 non-refundable deposit policy. We operate on Federal lands, which require substantial planning, insurance and investment. You may protect your investment, too, at your discretion, by purchasing travel insurance, such as TRAVELEX – see: http://bit.ly/2Sh2quL


We specify a minimum number of students required to operate a workshop. Although uncommon, there is always the possibility that we may not meet a minimum requirement and choose to cancel a workshop at our discretion. Should that be the case, your registration fees will be refunded in full. If you are concerned about recovering other expenses, please consider purchasing travel insurance with a carries such as TRAVELEX – see: http://bit.ly/2Sh2quL


You must be 18 to enroll in an NPPE workshop.


Spouses and non-photographers are welcome to join as paid participants only on a space available basis. Non-photographers often enjoy a visit to a scenic National Park, but due to our Commercial Use and Education Provider permits, the National Park Service imposes a hard group size limit, and we are unable to offer discounted rates for non-photographers. Spouses often accompany photographers and enjoy independent sight-seeing and tours in the local area while the photographer is in class.


We operate on Federal lands and the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management require that we have each workshop student sign an indemnification agreement which holds the Federal government and NPPE harmless from injury and other issues. You will receive a copy of this agreement when you enroll.


Unless otherwise stated, lodging and transportation costs are not included in the workshop tuition. When able, we reserve a block of rooms at our preferred base camp lodging to ensure that everyone has a a place to stay, but it is the participant’s responsibility to reserve and pay for their own rooms. We provide complete lodging instruction upon registration


Your tuition includes local transportation from the base camp to all field shooting locations. You do not need to use your own vehicle to access these sites.


Sign up for our waiting lists to receive advanced notice when space becomes available in a sold-out workshop.


  • Early registrants (8 weeks before the start of the workshop) who pay their tuition balance in full receive a $100.00 discount.
  • Returning alumni receive a $150 discount, regardless of the time of registration. This discount is not cumulative with the early registration discount or transferable.
  • You will receive a $100 discount for every workshop participant referral you make. This discount is cumulative and transferable. (Ex: Refer (5) people to NPPE, receive a $500 discount)


National Park Photography Expeditions is an authorized guided photography education provider and operates with commercial use authorization (CUA) permits in each national park or monument. NPPE meets or exceeds all the operational, safety, interpretive and management requirements of each of our selected parks.

Schedules and Curriculum

We provide a training curriculum and itinerary for each Masterclass and First Horizon Workshop. Post Production skills training is custom specific depending on student backgrounds and capabilities. Field training is subject to site weather, site availability due to road conditions, habitat changes, floods, fires and other issues related to park management and nature.


Unless otherwise instructed, you are responsible for transportation to the Landscape Master Class or First Horizon Workshop lodging site known as the Base Camp. During class, we provide high clearance all-wheel drive vehicles which permit us to access remote locations and to reduce our carbon footprint on the park environment.


We conduct an initial Safety Meeting during the Introductory Seminar and frequent field safety meetings. Attendance at all Safety Meetings is mandatory— no exceptions.  All instructors are CPR certified, and we carry first aid kits. However, we have no medical personnel on staff and participants should be aware that adequate medical care, emergency evacuations, heli-lift, and similar services are often not available or some hours away.