We are so glad you stopped in for a visit, and if you want to advance your photography to a level of significant personal expression, then you came to the right place. So slow down, relax and let us share how our Masterclasses and First Horizon Workshops can help you grow and succeed.


At National Park Photography Expeditions (NPPE for short) we teach photographers of all skill levels to create landscape art images that portray their thoughts and feelings; or as we like to say, images that are a Vision beyond Documentation.  Our Masterclasses and First Horizon Workshops help you access intuitive, reflective ways of working so that you may crystallize a point of view, and create a personal aesthetic with a unique visual voice— yours.

An End-to-End Creative Workflow

We teach an end-to-end creative workflow that begins with inspirational national park or public lands locations. In the field, you will learn valuable techniques for point of view capture, work the scene- work the camera techniques, and then we guide you to form a visualized outcome which is a forethought process to project the finished image in the “mind’s eye.”

Back at base camp, usually a cool lodge or hotel, you will learn task-specific post-production tools which will extend the emotional range of the work you captured in the field through color, tone, contrast, and light. You will work with visual ingredients, creative ideas, and personal intent to produce images that are not just aesthetically pleasing, unique, and original but that also reflect your emotional responses, visual definitions, and character.

Small classes for Big Results

Our classes are hands-on and limited to 8 students. For classes with 5 or more, we have a second instructor. Small classes create opportunities for one on one instruction which helps our photographers develop a visual voice more quickly.