The Fine Art Photography Mentor Program is for working professionals or experienced visual artists who wish to create marketable images through thematics for exhibition, collection, and or the fine art illustration market. This program follows the tradition of learning arts from others as developed by painters during the Renaissance and as practiced by the art photography workshop community with recognized art photography in the early 1900’s. One-on-one mentor training encourages the mentor-student to develop an expressive, subjective point of view, individual style, and create art photography that is a Vision Beyond Documentation.

The NPPE Mentor program is an innovative low-residency curriculum that combines online learning with immersive experiences wherein you will develop several thematic portfolios in close coordination with your mentor instructor and a community of artists. The program features in-depth online tutoring, and three consecutive portfolio capture periods (approx. four-six weeks each) and an innovative NPPE studio mentor program in which you will pursue advanced art structure and fine art printing with hands-on training and state of the art equipment.

Student growth and evaluation utilize MFA principles as developed with our MFA education partners.

Final modules prepare the student to enter the fine art photography market. Students enroll in three external professional, thematic portfolio reviews with selected gallery operators, academics, publishers, and creative managers.

For more information, registration, and qualification procedures contact Bob Killen at