Tuition: $2,299-$2,599
Deposit: $500
Dates: September 1-6, 2020
April 13-18, 2021

Arrive on Day One for evening orientation — Depart for home on Day Six.

4 full days of onsite photographic and post-production classes.

Basecamp: The Broken Spur Inn

A block of rooms have been established at The Broken Spur Inn Torrey, UT

Call: 435-425-3775 to book.


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The Capitol Reef National Park Master Class

The Capitol Reef National Park Master Class is a 5-day full immersion, photography workshop that teaches an end-to-end workflow for the creation of landscape art. Students learn landscape capture techniques, creative composition approaches, atmospherics, visualization techniques and post-production methods that will allow them to express their subjective thoughts and feelings. The workshop is small, intimate, collegial, and the instruction hands-on, with intensive field capture instruction at specific locations. Photographers identify and then increase the emotional range of their work to create images that are a vision beyond documentation while gaining valuable insights into landscape thematics, mini-portfolio creation, environmental considerations, and visualization skills for the creation of landscape art photographs.

Upon their return home, students receive 5 hours of online post-production tutor training.

The Capitol Reef National Park Landscape

Capitol Reef National Park is the visible outcome of what took 70 million years and two major geologic events to create. Named for what it looks like (white rock domes like the U.S. Capitol, rocky ridges like marine reefs), Capitol Reef National Park is a 100-mile pinch in the earth’s crust in the geographical middle of nowhere, but it’s overloaded with geological, cultural, and sensory consequence. There’s the Waterpocket Fold, a jagged scar formed from the monocline — the seam left over when shifting plates lifted one side of a fault 7,000 feet. Then explore the Cathedral Valley with miles of iconic sandstone formations such as the Temples of the Moon and Sun, the Bentonite Hills, and the Walls of Jericho.

Curriculum Assignments for Capitol Reef National Park

While we teach many of the same processes and creative approaches in all parks, each Master Class has a unique theme assignment. Master Class photographers receive proprietary assignments for each location, explore documentary, narration and navigation art approaches, and share mini portfolios of their work.

Explore, Learn, Grow, and Share

Explore and photograph: Chimney Rock, Gooseneck, Sulphur Creek, Sunset Point, Panorama Ledge, Grand Wash, The Switch Backs, Temples of the Moon and Sun, Hickman Bridge, Freemont River, Fruita Orchards and more.


Learn Tools and Techniques: Pre-Class Tutorials, Stack Focus Techniques, Dynamic Range Capture, Lens choice and its compositional effects, ND Filter applications, ETTR, Landscape Gear, dynamic bracketing, and more.


Learn end-to-end Post-Production Workflow for Landscape Art: Develop Raw images with Lightroom, explore the principles of image segmentation with Photoshop, extend image range with dynamic blending with Luminosity masks, scale contrast and color to govern emotional tone, and learn theme specific to tools for personal expression.


Grow Your Landscape Art Photography: Learn the Power of Image Visualization, Sky and Ground dominant compositions, thematics, the application of documentary, narrative and navigation art approaches and how to create images that are a Vision Beyond Documentation.


Share: Share ideas and experiences, with fellow photographers who will become lifelong friends.

You’ll benefit tremendously from our guidance, advice, lectures, demonstrations, and reviews, as we help take your photography to the next level.

Tuition Includes:

  • Lodging Assistance
  • All Local Ground Transportation
  • Training Documentation
  • Post-Production Classes
  • 5 Hours Personal Online Tutoring

Tuition Excludes:

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Transportation to and from Basecamp


Our Base Camp is at The Broken Spur Inn Torrey, Utah (Visit Site) (The Broken Spurr Inn in Torrey, UT is off of UT-24, 214 miles south of Salt Lake City, UT and 328 miles northeast of Las Vegas, NV.)

Call: 435-425-3775 to book.


You get to Torrey and we’ll take it from there. Your instructor and guides will provide on and off-road transportation to all areas.