One Hour Extended Postproduction Instruction

In addition to the postproduction training in Lightroom and Photoshop that students receive with the Frist Horizon and Masterclass Workshops, students often request additional training time. NPPE offers several options to continue your art photography development. All of these programs are one-on-one and work with the students’ own images. The instructor and student work in real-time over the Internet using Teamview software, and the learning experience is personal and confidential.

We use Teamview software for these programs and record each lesson as it takes place. The recorded class is sent to the student, and students hear their instructor’s voice and can replay each step to review procedures, questions, and discussion.  

Many students have told us that they always feel that the instructor is by their side with this system.

You may purchase additional training by the hour as follows:

Indivdual Hours: $65.00 per hour for the extension of your class image work.
5-hour package: $300.00 for the extension of your class image work.