Steve Ovitsky

National Park Photography Workshops
“In early November, I was visiting Los Angeles and went to Samy’s Camera for the first time. After buying a small bag, I filled-out an entry form to win a place in a National Parks Photography Expeditions Landscape Master Class Workshop.
I never gave it another thought until the email arrived in January saying I was the winner. In May, I attended the Canyonlands workshop. It was amazing and continues to be even a month later.
Bob Killen has the most integrated approach to photography, from finding locations, to helping you see the great shots, and then teaching you how to create art using powerful post-production tools. Bob’s individual coaching in the field and in post-production sessions continues after returning home with his remote sessions.
I feel so lucky to have won this opportunity and will definitely take another of Bob’s workshops in the coming months.”

About Author

Michael is an instructor with NPPE as well as a contributing photographer and writer for Beyond the Lens and the NPPE Blog. With almost 50 years of photography experience (including 25 years as a photojournalist and more than two dozen years as an accomplished fine art photographer), Michael provides objective commentary and instruction the world over.

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