Lassen Volcanic National Park 2020

The National Park Photography Expeditions 2020 class at Lassen Volcanic National Park submitted their best work from that masterclass. The juried results are presented here for you to enjoy and be inspired by. The book comes in three formats. Viewed online here as a flip-book, downloaded as a PDF, or for purchase from National Park Photography Expeditions.

About the Flipbook….

1. This is the final version of the 2020 Lassen Alumni Book. You can enjoy it here, but we recommend you purchase a paper copy as the reproduction values are superb – it will be a great inspirational resource for now and into the future.

2. The precise color and contrast you see in the flip-book is not the same as the actual PDF or the printed book. To produce the flip-book format, changes to the presentation of the file slightly degrade the image quality. To see the book better, download the PDF and view in Acrobat Reader on your device. To see the book at its best, buy a paper copy!